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c0rin's Journal

Id and Super-ego

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hit or miss




"Life is a sexually transmitted disease y'all!"

♥ Corina, 18. I'm an asian who loves Chinese food. Japanese dramas, Korean Fashion and Thai horror films.
♥ Friending me basically means me owning your soul! *cheers!*

♥ No one will beat my love for Yamapi (hairstyles and all!)
♥ Shun doesn't have to be naked to be hot. He's sexy because he does anything and everything, no questions asked.
♥ Tomapi. Well. They're practically orgasmic together, and hey, you gotta love men who flirt with each other online/on phone, whatever.
♥ Horikita Maki is the main reason why I still haven't crossed to the "pink" side.
♥ Molested boys are fun.

If you buy me YAMAPI, i'll let you touch his moobs!

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